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  • Genesis turns 8 years old!

    The guild turned eight years old on Friday and on Sunday, half an hour before raid time, we gathered for the much-awaited festivities & the annual guild photograph to be taken in an undisclosed location (as per the in-house tradition)!

    This time it was Taanan Jungle on more

    Drop by the relative forum thread and say Happy Birthday or leave a comment on the article above!

  • Progress update: 6/7(M) Highmaul!

    Happy New Year everyone! We came back to action, after a twelve(12) days long break during Holidays, last Sunday & three raids later both Ko'ragh as well as the Butcher lay dead beneath the crushing weight of our mighty plate sabatons (no, not really...)

    Ko'ragh is the type of fight that you can kill real quick, provided you have the right classes available for it. Read more...

    p.s. The guild's 8th birthday is fast approaching, keep tabs on celebration activities TBA on the forum!

  • Stoned -> Mythic:Tectus!

    And this latest kill places Genesis @ 4/7(M) Highmaul and allows us to take a small but well deserved Christmas (or holidays because these days you just can't be politically correct enough) break!

    These eight hours on Tectus was proper fun. We had come close to killing it for 2 straight hours but we kept on wiping in the third, "Benny Hill", phase. Read more...

  • Mythic Week #1 in review: 3/7(M) Highmaul!

    So it's time for our weekly progress recap! Brackenspore was the latest boss to die, as shown above. You can read the full take on how the week went as well as details on each kill after the jump...

    By the time I write these lines we are already neck deep in week #2 of Mythic Highmaul's release but free time is a (very) rare commodity these days.

  • Genesis in Blizzcon, WoD launch madness & Beta recap!

    So most of us (Read:all) will be eagerly awaiting on the wrong side of the, newly refurbished & red, Dark Portal long before 0:00. Silvermoon being the overpopulated server it is though; it's safe to expect many World Server crashes as well as ridiculous login queues prior to even being able to enjoy the aforementioned Server crashes. But let's talk Beta for a moment...

    The full take on news (& pics) on Genesis #represent @ Blizzcon2014, as well as our detailed WoD Beta retrospective after the jump...

  • News flash!

    Our very own Hippetyhop has set a world record in solo Greater Rift runs for Barbarians - he managed to clear a Level 44 Rift (!) with this seasonal character.

    In other news, beta testing is going better than here's a related teaser:

  • Genesis teams up with OpenRaid for our Heroic:SoO alt events!

    We have been trying to get a weekly alt run going for a while now; you see clearing SoO with our mains in 1 night, even if we deliver boosts at the same time, can be quite dull and it's been a wooping 5 months since we were done with progress in SoO already. This is where @OpenRaid comes in.

    We reached out for people who would be interested in a smooth & pleasant experience on their alts and the results were pretty astonishing from the very first event we organized. Further events to come on a weekly basis!